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Election Services – Electronic Voting and Electronic Counting

e-Voting and e-Counting

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DRS is a global leader in the field of electronic election processing management, with extensive experience in working with local authorities, national governments, educational establishments, international election stakeholders and public and private sector organisations.

It is our aim to help reduce the administrative burden of political elections and non statutory elections, whilst ensuring the security, integrity and accuracy of the results.

From capturing voter registration details through to processing complex combined elections, DRS has the experience to deliver large-scale elections – worldwide.

  • Fully scalable, integrated multi-channel e-Counting and e-Voting technologies – opening up a wealth of election opportunities
  • Secure, high-speed, double-sided digital imaging ballot scanners with real-time electronic vote capture, counting and interpretation
  • Choice of remote electronic voting channels – Internet, Interactive Voice Recognition – IVR, and touch screen kiosks
  • Electronic computerised voter registration and open voter registration lists
  • Specialist project management team at hand every step of the way – ballot paper design, ballot paper production, full and comprehensive staff training, technical support, stakeholder briefings and technology deployment all taken care of

Voting Systems:  X Mark, AMS, SV, AV and STV Voting

The DRS e-Counting system has proven to be fast accurate and reliable in the counting of complex X Mark elections including AMS and supplementary voting systems (SV voting) as well as preferential voting (1,2,3) such as STV and AV.  DRS e-counting can cater for:

  • X Mark voting - the voter puts an X against one candidate only
  • AMS voting / additional member voting  - a hybrid system that is part FPTP (First Past The Post) and part closed party list
  • SV voting / supplementary voting –  there are two columns on the ballot paper, one for first choice another  for second choice
  • STV voting / single transferable vote - each voter has one vote, which can be transferred from their first to their second preference   
  • AV voting  / alternative voting - the voter ranks the candidates in order of preference 

DRS can also work with other voting systems. Contact us if you have specific requirements.